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Relacore PM Review

Relacore PM is meant to relax you and help you to sleep while reducing excess cortisol levels and therefore fighting belly fat. They claim that they can finally give you the results you are looking for using the original formula combined with an extra bedtime formula to take the edge off right before bedtime. Their original formula is nothing but sleep aids. What else can they really add to that to basically “take the edge off”?

The Good

They do provide a 30 day supply of this one instead of the ludicrous 18 day supply. They also have relatively safe ingredients.

The Bad

Realistically speaking, they use Asian ginseng/Panax ginseng. Yes, it produces an overall feeling of wellbeing. But Asian ginseng is a stimulant, it causes you to stay up, to be energized. That’s not exactly what you should find in a nighttime formula. Moreover, there is the simple fact that a sleep aid does not help you to lose weight, and realistically you don’t have cortisol buildup.

The Skinny

The FTC pointed out the fact that cortisol buildup is a rare and serious medical disorder when they sued companies like Relacore including Relacore actually for unsubstantiated claims. They changed their advertising, and apparently they have now changed it back asking to be sued again. They use only a blend of sleep aids and in this case a stimulant that will have exactly the opposite effect of what you want. So obviously, we would not recommend using Relacore PM.

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