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Synedrex Review

Dropping excess pounds is a goal aspired to by nearly everyone, and there are a ton of ways to go about it.

One approach that many find useful is implementing fat burners into their diet. Several types of fat burners are available.

There are those like Lipofuze, which use patented and proven fat burning ingredients to help curb appetite and boost metabolism. Synedrex aims to work in the same way as these.

The manufacturers begin by promising to help you to drop unwanted fat and water weight, be in control by eliminating unhealthy food cravings, be in control and look amazing wearing the clothes you’ve always dreamed of. They also assert that, with Synedrex, you can feel alive with endless amounts of energy.

Synedrex may provide one of several ways of effectively losing weight, but only if its ingredients are reputable and in good doses.

They advertise that Synedrex will finally help you to control your obesity, and while obesity rates have increased since the 1950’s, obviously they can otherwise help you to beat the odds. They talk about helping you to look and feel younger again with a higher metabolism. The question is, is it true?

The Good

They do have some natural amino acids that can feed the muscles, and they also have cocoa, which can work as a natural antioxidant. Garcinia cambogia likewise is a natural and stimulant free fat burner. Though the amino acids and cocoa are not necessarily proven, the Garcinica cambogia is clinically studied and linked to weight loss.

The Bad

The makers of Synedrex don’t actually list these ingredients on most sites, because obviously enough, they don’t actually have more than 1 valid ingredient.

Also, the Garcinica cambogia is only added in a dose of about 1500 milligrams, which is not a high enough dose to create the benefits sought after by those who use fat burners. Unfortunately, this negates the hope we had that this product would be of high value.

Most of the ingredients are completely unrelated in general terms. Antioxidants are very useful for ridding the body of toxins, but it is very unlikely that they will help to boost metabolisms or give a greater fat burning ability.

The Skinny

We would not recommend Synedrex. It does not give you what you would need for success, and it only ends up wasting your time and money. Synedrex is a waste of time, because it doesn’t have anything that you would actually see success with.

It does try to mimic products like Lipofuze that use good amounts of patented and clinically proven ingredients, but does fall short a bit.

Yes, garcinia cambogia could ideally speaking burn fat and help you to lose more weight. But realistically speaking, they don’t have the complete package in general.

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